Sabahan Industrial Project (BOT)

Kuwait International Company for Project Management (KICPM) has won the Sabhan Project (Design, construction, management & operation) which was tendered for competition by the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) in 2005.

The project is classified as a Build-Operation-Transfer (BOT) project. The project is located in Block (4) of Sabhan Industrial area, situated between the North and South entrances to Sabhan and facing Kuwait International Airport.

The project plot area is 228,000 m2 and the components consist of the following components:

Food industries plots:

for Coldstores production, warehousing, related industries and offices, with total area of 116,000 m2,which is divided into 1,000 m2 plots- 116 plots

Industrial complex:

with total area of 22,000 m2, which is divided into 1,000 m2 plots (22 plots) utilized as follows:

Basement: cold stores warehousing

  • Ground floor: food production & related industries
  • Mezzanine: offices

Administration building:

with total area of 3,000 m2 utilized as follows:

  • Basement: cold stores warehousing
  • Ground floor: offices
  • Mezzanine: offices


with total area of 913 m2 to serve the project & surrounding community

The project time schedule is as follows:

  • Design & Construction: 2 years
  • Operation, Management & Maintenance: 20 years, renewable

The project was designed to make optimum use of the available land and facilitate the traffic movement among the industrial plots with wide roads designed to international standards. Also the plots were designed in such a way were they can be separate units or merged (the floors can be merged vertically or horizontally) depending on the requirements of the end user.

The project will provide a whole hub for the Food industries, where all required infrastructure, logistics and services are conveniently available to the industries that will reside in the project. The Project location is excellent for business because of its wide surrounding roads, low traffic since it is located in the opposite direction distance from Kuwait city and additionally its closeness to Kuwait International Airport, especially the soon to be built new Terminal Building.

In terms of the cold stores, areas will be available in the basement of both the Industrial complex and the Administration building, with Loading/ Unloading, wide Lifts and Staging areas conveniently located for optimum use for all users. The cold stores are designed by top international experts will be equipped with the latest most sophisticated systems for the most required temperature range (+ 4 C to -28 C) and also including the suburb Mobile Pallet Racking system which maximizes the utilization of the available space and provides an flexible method to move and re-located racks.

The Industrial complex provides ideal environment for the industrialist with the warehousing; processing and offices are conveniently located in the same building. In addition all services and latest supports systems will be provided to facilitate communications and management of businesses.

The Administration building provides the perfect place for companies who are specialized in the food Industry as well as companies who require a location away from the congestion of Kuwait City and also in proximity to Kuwait International Airport.

Madeed Scope of Work:

Sabhan Industrial Project is owned by Madeed Properties and (KICPM). Madeed was assigned by the owners to provide Development Management, Project Management and Investment Banking services for the project.