Corporate Profile

Madeed Properties

Madeed Properties is a Real Estate firm that provides customized real estate solution in the following four main areas which are:

  • Real Estate Asset Management:
    In the last 15 years Madeed has worked with its international strategic partner LaSalle Investment Management (LIM) in providing several investment products in Real Estate from North America to Europe and Asia.
  • Real Estate Investment Banking:
    Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, Best-Use Studies & Business Development Planning, Private Placement of RE investment vehicles, manage financial auditing, Corporate Governance structure.
  • Real Estate Development:
    Madeed as a Real Estate developers serve as an intermediary on behalf of its Clients to coordinate between the designers, consultants & construction companies that design & build the buildings and the businesses that use them (the end user). We help Clients by providing the optimum value in functionality, location and cost for their Real Estate investment. We leverage our real estate, financial and construction expertise as we coordinate with the various entities involved in the process on behalf of the owners. In this way we ensure that newly constructed spaces meet the client businesses' needs & objectives

Madeed is currently involved in owning, developing & managing many Real Estate Project and in Kuwait and MENA region

Madeed provides specialized services and leadership in a variety of projects. Project types include Residential and Commercial developments, Hotels and Resorts, and Retail developments.

We work directly with owners, developers, financial institutions, funding organizations, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.

The staff employed at Madeed has extensive experience and cover all Investment, Development Management & Real Estate Investment areas mentioned above

Madeed helps its clients achieve great visions by successfully enhancing the value of their projects through creative and imaginative technical, commercial and financial solutions

Some of the services provided by Madeed in within this area are:

  • Market review & new opportunity search
  • Due diligence & information gathering
  • Development Procurement strategy
  • Master Planning Management
  • Costing and Budgeting
  • Funding and financing options
  • Risk assessment
  • Project Valuation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Manage Marketing & Branding

Project Management:

Madeed through it experience and expertise in this discipline plans, organizes, secures and manages resources to bring about the successful completion of projects’ goals and objectives as set by the Clients.

Some of the services provided by Madeed in within this area are:

  • Structure plans & project activities
  • Establish Management Procedure
  • Program and Schedule Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Consultants’ selection and assignment
  • Design & Construction Management
  • Contracts Administration
  • Project Reporting
  • Costing, Budgeting and Value Engineering
  • Claims and Dispute Resolution
  • Facility Management