Diplomatic Quarter Cairo

Diplomatic Quarter Cairo (DQC) project is located within the eastern zone of Cairo and cover an area of approximately 4 million square meters (965 faddan) as per the master plan conceptualized design, and it was created to group the diplomatic missions, consulates, embassies and related required amenities and facilities.in one area (Hub)

The project is envisioned to provide world class diplomatic environment that also caters to family requirements needed facilities. It will also accommodate political/Etiquette requirements as well as international law governing Diplomats and Diplomatic Guidelines. The project will also house Press Conference/Media Requirements and support facilities.

Project Components

The project consists of the areas designated for the following components:

  • Diplomatic (Embassies, Consulates, Missions
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Recreation - Cultural Centre
  • Hospitality / Diplomatic Club
  • Golf Course & Club
  • Mixed-Use & Multi-Purpose facilities
  • Administrative tower
  • Business Park
  • Greenery / open landscape, Park

Madeed Scope of Work:

The project is being developed by Madeed Properties and Al-Kharafi Group. Madeed is providing Development & Project Management services as well as Investment Management services.