Cordoba Hills Project

The Project is located in the western side of the city of Aleppo, away from the villages and towns, in order to provide for a luxurious, healthy and quite environment for the residents. Cordoba Hills project occupies a land area of 1.4 million square meters and is situated close to the two main highways in the region, Aleppo- Damascus, and Aleppo- Bab Al-Hawa (new main road to Turkey).

The project has beautiful green landscape with breathtaking view of parks, forests, Olive Park. The Project is located at 18km (15 minutes) from the ever-expanding city of Aleppo, and is spread out over 1.4 million m2 of outstanding natural beauty. With proximity to urban Aleppo city, but at a distance from the traffic and chaos associated with city life. Cordoba Hills is ideally located and surrounded by environmentally rich vegetation representing more than 60% of the land.

Project components:

1. Villas:

The Project comprises 800 luxurious villas. The majority of them are distributed in clusters. There are five different and distinct beautifully designed models of villas to meet the needs of the clients in terms of taste, size and layout. The clusters provide therefore privacy and independence to the villa owners. The lots vary between 500 and 1625 sqm whereas the building area will cover only 20% of the total lot area.

The villas are designed in different architectural themes, namely Spanish, French Colonial, Mexican and Moroccan.

2. Country Club & lake

The Country Club contains a community center, sport activities such as tennis, and basketball courts, Mini Golf & Spa, with a beautifully designed central lake situated next to it.

3. French School

The French school, which is located near the entrance of the Project was opened in 2007, and provides education for the community for the elementary and middle level of schooling curriculum.

4. Landscape:

A charming gigantic landscape leads to the more intimate luxurious villas zone that is the Residences. Immersed in a welcoming environment that celebrates a vibrant sense of community, this zone is augmented with interconnected courtyards and open areas for family gathering. This mixed-use zone is designed to celebrate a lifestyle that is intimately connected to nature.

5. General Service:

The project contains a security station and provides surveillance 24 hours/ day for the community, Pharmacy, Super Market & Gift Shop

Madeed Scope of Work:

Madeed was hired by the client to provide Development Management, Project Management and Investment Banking services.