Al Nawras

Al-Nawras Residential Development (Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

Al-Nawras Residential Development is located on a prominent 67,000 m2 area and located on the distinguished and popular Al-Nawras Lake Corniche road in Al-Khobar and is adjacent to the popular Al-Aziziah beach on the Arabian Gulf. This project is part of the Greater Al-Nawras development which occupies a land area totaling 1,007,431 m2, and is considered one of the biggest developments in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The Greater Al-Nawras development itself contains commercial as well as entertainment, Restaurants, parks and sea front sport and social activities.

The site has a highly visible frontage and is close to King Fahad Highway, and is only few minutes away from the city center and all major services facilities.

Project components:

The Al-Nawras Residential Development consist of 110 mid to high level residential villas, that vary in size from 375 m2 to 750 m2 and offers the following four different type of architectural designs:

(A) Modern
Plot Area : 375 m2
Build Area: 350 m2

(B) Mediterranean
Plot Area: 600 m2
Build Area: 450 m2

(C) Arabic Traditional
Plot Area: 660 m2
Build Area: 529.5 m2

(D) Moroccan Style
Plot Area: 750 m2
Build Area: 555 m2

Madeed Scope of Work:

Madeed was hired by the client to provide Development Management, Project Management and Investment Banking services for the project.